Fusion of digital and analog creativity
Hogeschool van Amsterdam - Personal Project
In collaboration with Eduardo Bastos
Used fabric: House of U, Habotai, 100% recycled PET
Model: Szonja Czegle
This project is about to explore ideas, technologies, and design communities on a personal level. It helps fill gaps in design skills, while also allowing to discover your own unique design style and interests. Through this project, you have the chance to connect with potential collaborators and expanding your network. It also helps you gain confidence in your design process and develop a stronger sense of self as a designer.
By bringing together contemporary art and design, with this project I explore new mediums and community as a designer, combining digital planning and preparation to support the analog process.
The artist
Eduardo Bastos is a visual artist born in Lisbon in 1996, who expresses himself in various forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media. With a keen sensitivity to form, color, texture, and visual balance, Eduardo enjoys representing and portraying themes that are present in his life and daily experiences in a very unique way. Having lived in Paris and Amsterdam, the artist brings the cultures and elements of the cities and people he encounters into his work, which adds an interesting diversity to his forms of expression.
Design goal
In this project, my design goal is to blend digital and physical processes to explore and create something unique. Bringing together contemporary art and design by digitalizing the artwork and printing it on fabric. Exploring new mediums as a designer combining digital planning and preparation supporting the analog process to spend some time away from my computer while creating something I’ve never done before.
To prioritize sustainability, I purchased the printed fabric from a local company called House of U. They specialize in printing on recycled fabric and use a print-on-demand model, reducing waste. The fabric I chose, called Habotai, is made from 100% recycled PET. I used all the 3x1,5 m fabric I ordered for my design and from the little amount of leftover fabric I sew hairbands to minimize the waste.