instagram: @FANNIWITH_I
I’m Cz Fanni (17.09.1996.) born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I started synchronized swimming at the age of 6, and after turning 12, I pursued it professionally. This sport taught me the value of hard work both individually and as part of a team to achieve our goals. Meanwhile, I excelled academically, finishing primary school and high school with excellent grades. I was always the creative kid so, I decided to pursue design professionally. During the first two years of my bachelor's, I continued my involvement in sports. In the third and fourth years, I worked in a designer studio and also served as a coach, teaching synchronized swimming to kids. after i graduated as an industrial design engineer i continued to work at the same design studio and as a coach as well for 2 more years.
In May 2022, I relocated to Amsterdam and began working as a waitress. Over the next year, I earned my master's degree in digital design while working night shifts in a restaurant. These past years have taught me the importance of working hard to pursue my dreams.
Currently, my next challenge is to be a part of a design team, and I am also open to freelancing and collaborations.