A polinarrative VR experience showcasing untold stories of the Dutch colonization of Brazil (1630-1654).
VR Experience
Hogeschool Van Amsterdam - Master of Digital Design
Designers: Arya Vazir, Dorsa Rafiee, Fanni Czegle, Jelle Rijpkema
Client: Civic Interaction Design Research Group
Mentoring agency: Momkai
The assignment is focusing on the topic of decolonization, and particularly focusing on how the Dutch occupation of Brazil (1630-1654) is currently presented in Dutch museums. Museums are not neutral institutions. The stories they tell and how they tell them are intrinsically influenced by the museum’s values and biases as an institution.
How might your narrative shed light on the voices and stories that have been historically hidden and not included in the history books?

Project goals
Teach the younger generation about the different narratives on the Dutch colonization of Brazil.
Show how the effects of colonization and racism are still present in modern society.
Have the visitors reflect on their own experiences regarding this topic.

How are we doing this?
In the VR experience we present a collection of art pieces about the Dutch colonization of Brazil
We analyze what is shown in multiple perspectives through the voices of Brazilians with different backgrounds.
Also showcasing reflections on how colonization is still affecting their life nowadays.

A traveling art piece
The VR experience can be carried to different settings by our client, from museums to universities allowing them to showcase it easily. A kit containing instructions, project explanation and posters will be given to the client.
Chapter I
The users will find themselves in front of view of Itamaracá Island in Brazil by Frans Post. They will be able to interact with some elements of the painting. To each element, voice recordings of Brazilians describing the painting and their perception of it will play.
Chapter II
The users will find themselves in the same room, but then 9 AI-generated paintings will be displayed on the other 3 walls.
The goal is to show how colonialism and racism are still deeply rooted in today’s society and system. Voice recordings of Brazilians talking about their personal experience and how colonialism has influenced their lives will play.
Gathering new data
At the end of the experience, the user will be able to leave their observations via voice recording. They will be asked to talk about their personal experience related to colonialism and racism. The gathered recordings will be used to implement the experience and make it grow over time.