The newest feature that helps users navigate between true content and misleading information on social media platforms.
UX / UI Design
Hogeschool Van Amsterdam - Master of Digital Design
Designers: Carolina Masuero, Fanni Czegle, Lidwien Lumkeman, Paula Lopez Mascarin
Client: Creativ Media for Social Change
Mentoring agency: Momkai
The project “Navigation misinformation” develops an alternative approach to media literacy specifically focused on online information quality issues and disinformation in the current digital information landscape. The project investigates tools and practices that can help citizens navigate the information landscape.
Users first can see a pop up, that says “this video was reviewed”, so they will know if they open the comment section they can find a comment on the top from the fact-checker. The background color of the comment already gives the user an idea about the truths of the fact-checked comment, although we decided to include a label that makes it more accessible to users with daltonism. Under the explanation there are recommended videos from the fact-checker, that can validate the statement or helps the user explore different point of views on the topic.
Verified specialist
Profiles on the platform that share content on specific topics can now upload their certifications and credentials. When a profile is verified, it will have an icon to indicate that it is a reliable source. This helps users identify trustworthy and knowledgeable creators, creating a more informed and trustworthy community on the platform.
Onboarding video
Through an engaging short video, users are educated about the new features of the platform. In this video we used deepfake technology to demonstrate the enhancements, captivating the audience's attention. The video advices how users can prioritize the reliability of the content and empowering them to form their own opinion while navigating the platform.