Analog and digital face filter based on an alternative reality, where only female society exists.
Hogeschool Van Amsterdam - Master of Digital Design

When you hear this word what is your first thought?
Mine right now is pain. But when I was a teenager waiting for my first period to come I identified this word with becoming a woman. When I had sex without protection hearing this word would make my thoughts around that I hope it is coming as soon as possible. But imagine a woman who would like to get pregnant... her thoughts would be exactly the opposite. Somebody feels excited about it, somebody feels sad or happy about it, somebody thinks period is disgusting and somebody thinks it is fascinating.
In our society right now, we are on the beginning of the way to get there when menstruation is not a taboo anymore. There are already a lot of women being open about their period, putting blood on their face or does not care, if their white dress has blood on it. Even me - an open minded woman- feel frustrated about it, why can they be happy about their period and why do I feel enormous pain every time? What is wrong with my body?
In this alternative, only female society, women are fully open about how they feel regarding to their period and the face filter is a tool to express their mood and the way they would like to communicate about it.